It is in your best interest to pay taxes. Why? The business are bound to give you reliable services. Trust me, you need reliable visits. Unless you want to invite who can loot you.

Paying taxes means; that the staff is reliable and trustworthy.
The question is that how will you identify that the staff is trust worthy. Usually, you can ask for the Pakistan’s Computerized National Identification Card (CNIC). Then you can SMS the CNIC to 7000 and it will only provide the CNIC holder’s name and father name. There is a Rs. 10.00 plus tax cost associated to this SMS.

The SMS is costly. However, it should not stop you to find the authentication of the technician at your doorstep. After all, the security of your household is the utmost criteria for us; regardless our customers give us the job order or not.

How does paying taxes means that the staff is reliable? If the company is paying taxes, it means the company wants to uphold its credibility. No company would jeopardize its integrity by hiring unchecked staff. is in a business of visiting homes, apartments, offices, commercial premises and more. This means, that we should be handling your privacy very carefully and respectfully.

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