They are one of the best furniture items either in the house or in the office. They are being used in cinema theater as well. How and where you want to use; is totally up to the user.

I recently did a DIY project for a client. It was a in a messy condition. I haven’t used expensive material re-touch this recliner. A decent leather repair kit can cost you above Rs. 7,000.00. Items used are below.

1. Rs. 90.00 two-quantity of leather patch up for the hole. One is inside the hole, and other one is covering up the hole.

2. Rs. 60.00 Samad Bond

3. Rs. 60.00 black water-color

4. Rs. 20.00 thin sand paper

5. Rs. 200.00 leather polish

6. Rs. 100.00 bees wax balm – 1 table spoon is more than enough

7. Rs. 200.00 transport cost – estimated

8. Any oil – Only 3 table spoons

Total Investment: Rs. 640.00

Save money on DIY projects and get commercial results. Good luck.

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