How We Work

Work Process

Hiring a service should be easy. Here’s what you can expect when you hire us. You should always ask a muzdoor of his work process. That way, you will know what is on his mind how they actually work. 

It is better to communicate and gather information up front unless there is an emergency work and you communicate and gather information as you work along with muzdoor.


Scheduling with us is easy. Just one simple phone call hires a seasoned professional who will care for your home like you deserve.

You can schedule today by clicking Appointment. Unless special arrangements are made in advance, you should be home during the scheduled appointment. If you prefer an estimate, in most cases we can provide a general price estimate over the phone.


Muzdoor arrives at the scheduled appointment time. We will be assigning you a muzdoor who is skillful. Your personal handyman will review the job with you to confirm the length of time needed and the price to complete the job and then start working on your project.

Work and Work Analysis

We’re happy to work with whatever materials you supply – paint that you want to be used, kitchen tile or light bulbs that you have purchased.

Delivery & Payment

The payment is agreed on a  mutual basis. If you bring your own material, then we will not charge you for the material. If we bring the material then you have to pay us in advance for the material and the transport. Therefore, it is a better idea to decide early who brings the material. In addition, the quality of the material matters. 

  • We will be charging 16% tax on visit and any services

How Does it Work?

  • We currently serve Karachi, while other cities are yet to come
  • You call us and we will be there. Due to rush traffic; please allow us 2 – 3 hours travel time
  • Our muzdoor are networked accordingly and charge a visit fee depending on the distance
  • We analyse work situation and give you recommendations accordingly
  • It’s simple, quick turnaround, and reliable
  • We usually work by appointment only and as a result we do late night appointments as well. Please call us for an appointment. 

Time Availability

  • From 9 AM to 9 PM – Everyday
  • By Appointment Also (Please allow 2 – 3 hours travel time to the site)

You can also bid on your repair projects by posting it on

Please call us for more information or fill the form below.

    If you have any work images please email your work images to save your visit charges. You can also Book a Muzdoor and pay visit charges.