Gutter Pipes

Hello Existing and Future Home Owners!!!

Are you sure you are communicating with your plumber or contractor about proper bathroom gutter pipes? If not, then your hard earned money will go down the drain. If you are, you better make sure that there are no leakage after the work is done.

Don’t rush into work. Have a plan. Include the followings.

1. Plan on a piece of paper

2. Have a gutter pipes plan on paper

3. Choose material responsibility. Cheaper or Expensive?

4. Once the gutter pipes are actually installed. Don’t cover it up with sand or cement right away.

5. Delay your work for 24-hours

6. Think about it and discuss with your spouse and the contractor on how to make it better.

7. Complete the work

8. Communicate, communicate and communicate with your contractor.

You are paying him for the services. If he gets irritated, then it means find a different contractor or plumber.

The choice is always yours. Good luck!

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