Identifying Credibility

Identifying any thing is a task that everyone encounters. However, identifying someone’s credibility, is the toughest job. Why? Well, simply because that someone is handling your cash. How would you trust someone who manages your hard earned money. You name it, everyone is managing your money except yourself.

For example, bankers, your household, your peers, retailers, etc. Let’s break these down. Bankers manages your cash. Your household manages your expenses so you pay them to pay your expenses. Your peers are your network and you pay your network to professionally move up the career ladder. And retailers are managing your lifestyle.

Same goes with the plumber, electrician, or any muzdoor or mazdoor, or however you want to spell it. Your labour manages your cash. It is you who needs to understand the meaning between the quality or the quantity. It’s a general rule, that high payment will get you high quality. Wrong move!!! It is up to you what are your needs and your wants.

Your choice will accept the other person’s credibility.

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