Retail Shops

General retail shops require constant maintenance and paint work. We are the repair and maintenance solution for retail food and general retail shops that range from shopping malls to grocery stores to florists to convenience stores to food shops.

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Retail Food Business

Every day, thousands of general retail shops and food outlets produce waste, such as cooking oil, grease and food solids. If that waste is discharged directly into our sewers, it can cause blockages and overflows. In result it will overload wastewater treatment plants and cause major pollution problems in our beaches. Hence, plumbers can help food businesses effectively manage and dispose of greasy waste water by correctly installing devices.

General Shops

Clothes and other types of shops where customers don’t use restrooms inside a shop; also needs improvement. There maybe a water leakage from the upper floor or from gutter. Furthermore, don’t forget about the walls seepage. The dampness and moisture will create an odor. In result, shops will lose customers. Therefore, exhaust fan for proper ventilation must be used.

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