Do you work with a budget? This question may be asked by any contractor. However, it’s a mix and match game. If you like branded products, then your material price goes high.

The labour must go high too because the material can not be installed by just any contractor. You have to interview these contractors in such a manner that you educate yourself on the labour charges. I have seen cheap labour but installing an expensive item with full responsibility. It all depends on you communicate and tackle your contractor.

It’s all about respect. So, the question to have a budget or not; really depends on lots of things. It may depend on the culture of the contractor, the background of the contractor, the material you use, and most importantly which location in the house or building it is to be installed.

For example, a broken tile is not useless if it is installed at a location where it can not be seen. However, you can not install a broken tile in the front location. It can go on back of the house probably in a corner of a balcony or somewhere.

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