About Muzdoor.pk

Muzdoor word is written in Roman Urdu language. It translates to کھدای کرنے والا مزدور. It is also spelled as Mazdoor. Our Muzdoor are entrepreneurs under an entrepreneur ecosystem.

Muzdoor.pk is a startup company and is assisted by an entrepreneur ecosystem for customer support by the following companies. It’s all about being available at any given time. We network with different entrepreneurs to support our customers. Hence, we call our muzdoor, entrepreneur, since they are being creative to be available on a daily basis. 

Muzdoor.pk Offerings 

We provide different labour services in Karachi area only. In addition, Muzdoor.pk is partnering with entrepreneurs from other cities. We have yet to finalize agreements. Just give us a call and request your service. We provide masonry, plumbing and electrical work. Hiring a service should be easy. We currently work in Karachi area only. Our opening hours are from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday to Saturday. A muzdoor can take appointments on any day even on Sundays. 

Legal Stuff

Muzdoor.pk is a part of Intelisales. All the invoices will be generated on Intelisales letterhead. Intelisales will be charging 13% sales tax on each transaction. 

  • Intelisales is a Registered Firm in partnership. 

Intelisales is Registered with the following government organizations.

  • Sindh Board of Revenue (SRB) for General Sales Tax (GST).
  • Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for National Tax Number (NTN).

Equipment and Material

Muzdoor or mazdoor brings their own tools and therefore a muzdoor is responsible for their own equipment. While customer is responsible for any material that needs to be purchased. Therefore, we recommend our customers to bring their own material. In addition, muzdoor or mazdoor can bring materials for our customers but they have to pay in advance. 

Muzdoor Safety 

Due to several constraints, we request all of our customers to give us an ample time to travel to the site rather than rushing us. Therefore, we take around two (2) to three (3) hours to arrive on the site. Furthermore, we strive to put our muzdoor on a safe journey rather than having a traffic accident. Hence, it will delay our customers. Due to this reason, please do not push a muzdoor or mazdoor for a quick job. Moreover, we request our customers to give a muzdoor or a mazdoor a short break after each 30-45 min.

In addition, a muzdoor can deny customer’s job due to location or the area or even surroundings. As a result, Muzdoor.pk makes an effort for safety hours. After all, our Muzdoor or mazdoor is an entrepreneur under an entrepreneur ecosystem

Muzdoor Right To Work

Our company puts our muzdoor first and their rights. Therefore, we analyze the work very carefully and may deny any job. In addition, if the working conditions are not to a level where a muzdoor can work; a muzdoor will deny the work.

Furthermore, if the customer has not decided the payment before the work, then the customer is fully responsible for any muzdoor’s compensation.

Muzdoor Payment

A good business is done on good faith. Muzdoor.pk request our customers to please finalize the muzdoor or mazdoor labour payment before the work is done. The payment consists of labour and material. The material is provided by the customer. Hence, both a customer and a muzdoor will not go in dispute. If there is a dispute, then a customer has full right to dispute. However, we will go in arbitration and all the legal work will be handled in Karachi, Pakistan.

How We Do It?

  • Schedule – Please call or email and give us 24 hours to respond
  • Arrival – Please give us 2 – 3 hours to arrive on site
  • Work Analysis – Please allow 30 – 45 min to analyze the work situation
  • Complete Delivery of Work – Depending on the work and customer and muzdoor mutual agreement
  • Payment – Any material must be purchased by the customer

Licensed Images

  • All images used on this site are licensed

Mumtaz Web Entrepreneur Ecosystem

We assist individuals and startups understanding the development and creation of a company in discussion-like forums. For more information please visit https://www.mumtazstartups.orgWe believe in innovation, product acquisition, talent retention, and supply change development that can benefit an entrepreneur. Many stakeholders must benefit in order for an entrepreneurship ecosystem to be self-sustaining. First of all, formal education is not needed for an entrepreneur, however, it helps an entrepreneur to make informed decisions. Furthermore, a formal education and training in the skills such as plumbing work or electrical work is important as compared with no experience at all. Fostering an entrepreneur is our core objective. An entrepreneur creates opportunities for innovation. This innovation is creating a value to the society. Hence, this value is an outcome of an entrepreneur ecosystem. 

Mumtaz Web Entrepreneur Ecosystem or MWEE handles all the legal and accounting services for Muzdoor.pk. Therefore, our ecosystem can assist other individual or groups in achieving other startup goals.


Intelisales offers telephone and email support. We also cater telemarketing and startup businesses. For more information please visit https://www.intelisales.comIntelisales provide call center consultancy. We can assist from 1-seat to several seats call center setup. Since we have over ten years of experience in a call center industry we can offer our expertise on data and voice services. We provide dedicated assistant from follow-up calls to email support or data solutions in spreadsheets.

Karachi Host – !آپ کے برقی میزبان

Karachi Host is found with the love of the Karachi city. We provide several services in domain registration and hosting industry. For more information please visit https://www.karachihost.com. Do some thing different today! Our focus is to provide industry based domains and having a .COM domain is too general. We are in a Not Com Revolution! Now you can choose from specific, relevant, domain name endings that identify your business, your industry, or your passion. You don’t have to rely on .COM domain name. Other companies provide generic domain names, however, we are focused on industry specific domain names. Karachi Host is also a part of an entrepreneur ecosystem.

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