Reliable plumber and electrician muzdoor services since 2018. We serve with passion! provides bidding services to residential and commercial users.

You can easily register your work and any muzdoor can easily bid on your work. 

Residential Services


We spend hefty time in the bedroom. We take care of our family in that specific bedroom. Children play and sleep in the bedroom. The bathroom attached to the bedroom must not have any leakage. A proper lighting is also necessary. A plumber and an electrician can make things easy for you.


The bathroom is the utmost of importance of the living area. It must be clean, without any water or gutter leakage. A proper lighting can enhance your mood. A plumber and an electrician can help you achieve your hygiene needs.

AC Installation & Repair

Summer time requires cold air at any place. Any leakage must be stop. have A/C installation and repair service. Please email us and setup an appointment to discuss your needs.


Muzdoor.PK cannot emphasize much enough on the electrical wires. A quality electrical wire can save your life and also reduces electricity bill. Do you need quantity or quality in life? The answer depends on what’s the priority. An electrician can survey and help you guide through your current electrical projects.


Enough is enough! We must stop water leakage at home and offices. A plumber can advise you how to stop water and gas leakages. A small investment can produce huge effect on our finances and our lives. This also show how ignorant and responsible you are for other people.


Flooring is of several types. We can install marbles, tiles, wood flooring, carpets and much more. Fancy item requires experienced muzdoor. If you are a first time home owner; we can assist you with details. How to find a quality muzdoor? Please contact and find out.

Commercial Services



Banking industry is a highly specialized industry where consumer’s financial information and funds are kept confidential. An electrician or a plumber can help you fine tune your electrical and plumbing issues.



Hospitals are vital for our lives. A little spark on electrical wires or a leakage on a plumbing side can have a huge effect on a patient’s recovery. An electrician and a plumber can be proactive to reduce human errors.



We spend more than 50% of our daily time at offices. Besides office’s daily routine; some offices have staff, executives and guests bedding. An electrician and a plumber can can assist you in smooth running of your operations.



A plumber and an electrician is is required in a fast and busy restaurants. Customers require relaxed environment. The character and atmosphere of the restaurant must be enjoyable.

Retail Shop

Retail Shops

Please call an electrician so that your lighting is up-to-date. Also, you need a plumber to fix your leaked water pipes.


Manufacturing Plants

A plumber and an electrician is required on a daily basis. Plants and factories hire plumber and an electrician on a permanent and temporary basis.

Why us?

We got the tools

A Muzdoor’s tool is life for a muzdoor. We got tools to fix your small or big problems!

Competitive Pricing

We serve all over Karachi. Please call us for pricing!

Urgent Calls

We take urgent calls. Due to traffic safety rules and regulations; please have to give us 3-4 hours of travel time. Contact Us

20 Years Experience

We have worked on plumbing and electrical contracts, big and small. Plumber or electrician have immense experience.

Great Support

We love our customers. A plumber or an electrician will support you over the telephone even if you are not our customer.

How We Work?


Scheduling with us is easy. Just one simple phone call hires a seasoned professional.


Muzdoor arrives at the scheduled appointment time.


We’re happy to work with whatever materials you supply. We also advice on the material.


We only charge for the labour. Customer is responsible for the material charge.


The work is done before the labour payment. It is mutually agreed work and delivery.

Time Availability

We are usually by appointments only. However, we operate from 9 AM to 9 PM.

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